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"Admit it,
When you thought we were going to fall out over a rumour you were scared of losing me.
Admit it,
When your fingers entwined with mine your heart rate sped a little faster.
Admit it,
When you fall asleep I cloud up your mind.
Admit that you’re scared of admitting your feelings because she hurt you,
Admit that you know I will never hurt you but you still can’t bring yourself to trust me,
Admit that when you called me when you were drunk it was because you couldn’t get me out of your head,
Admit that I showed you how selfless and kind a person could be and that you’re constantly worried about hurting me.
I’ll admit that I’d put your feelings above mine any day,
I’ll admit that I love you if you promise not to leave."

- (via iclungtoy0u)